COMPET-N incoming records

Records are automaticaly updated so here you will find all records submitted in last 60 days.


Category Game Player1 Time Filename Comments Date
nmare Final Doom, TNT Jim Leonard 1:37 x 14.02.2020
respawn Requiem Jim Leonard 1:01 x 17.02.2020
speed Requiem Jim Leonard 1:12 x 18.02.2020
speed Alien Vendetta Jim Leonard 3:34 x 20.02.2020
fast Requiem Vdgg 6:49 x 29.02.2020


Category Game Player1 Player2 Time Filename Comments Date


Category Game Player1 Time Filename Comments Date


Contest Game Player1 Time Filename Date

For newly uploaded demos you have to wait 30 minutes before downloading them! Script checks for new demos and copies them to right location every 30 minutes so please be patient. Here is a csv format available, so you can use it for a feed or something.