Stigao je novi ZDoom 2.6.0 novosti na hrvatskom jeziku.
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Stigao je novi ZDoom 2.6.0

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Randi je konačno izdao novu ZDdoom verziju, sa mnogo noviteta i ispravaka:
ZDoom 2.6.0 changelog: wrote:Added Hacx IWAD support.
Added text-format Strife conversation system with USDF and ZSDF.
A textured automap is now available; automap graphics are now externalized.
Rewritten menu system, which can now be defined with the MENUDEF lump.
Externalized intermissions to MAPINFO.
Externalized IWAD detection and gave each IWAD its own independent config section.
Added FluidSynth and GUS emulator softsynths; fixed issues with TiMidity++.
Added VOC support and enhanced MIDI playback with support for alternative formats such as XMI and HMI.
Action specials: Added Ceiling_LowerAndCrushDist and Thing_SetConversation. Added console command to execute specials.
Increased maximum script number from 999 to 32767.
Named scripts allow to avoid script number conflicts altogether.
Added StrCopy, CheckSight, SetActivator, SetPointer functions.
Added APROP_ScaleX/Y and APROP_Mass actor properties.
Added temporary dynamic strings variables with StrParam.
Scripts can now have up to four parameters.
Added A_CheckFlag, A_FaceMaster, A_FaceTracer, A_RadiusGive, A_SetMass, A_SetScale, A_Warp and A_WolfAttack...
Enhanced A_AlertMonsters, A_BFGSpray, A_Blast, A_CustomBulletAttack, A_FireBullets, A_GunFlash, A_PainAttack, A_RadiusThrust...
Added an actor pointer manipulation system with several new codepointers...
Increased damage type flexibility in several ways with DeathType and PainType.
Added customizable fléchettes.
Made accuracy and stamina accessible through DECORATE expressions.
Added ProjectileKickback, Inventory.RestrictedTo and Inventory.ForbiddenTo class-based properties.
Backported VisibleToTeam, VisibleToPlayerClass and weapon DropItem feature from Skulltag, and enhanced them.
Added "Fast" keyword for states and deprecated the unreliable FASTER and FASTMELEE flags.
Added a secret hint system.
3D floors support.
FraggleScript support.
Voxel support.
SBARINFO: Ammo 1/2 capacities added to DrawNumber, support for color names in colored text.
SNDINFO: Added musicalias and attenuation.
Compatibility: fixed issues with Eternal Doom, Happy Time Circus, Phobos, vanilla compat, Boom compat, light levels higher than 255, Heretic, Strife, MUSINFO, misnamed UDMF field.
Fixed loading of BMF palettes.
restart console command.
Added PALVERS lump for specifying alternate graphics to use with a paletted render, in case the graphics you really want to use look bad without true color.
Custom IWADs no longer need to include a COLORMAP, as ZDoom will generate one automatically if it is missing.
Fixed vertical tiling of non-power-of-two textures.
Potražite više informacija na ZDoom forumu.
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Stigao je novi ZDoom 2.6.1

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Brzi ispravak za ZDoom 2.6.1:

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INVENTORY.RESTRICTABSOLUTELY flag for being extremely restrictive of cross-class item pickup
PLAYERPAWN.CANSUPERMORPH flag for morphed player classes that give you a Tome of Power powerup if you an attempt is made to morph you into the same class while you are already morphed into it. (Used by Heretic's chicken)
RandomPlayerStarts will disable voodoo dolls and instead spawn players at random start spots.
UsePlayerStartZ will respect the start spots' Z coordinates and let you spawn players off the floor.
Hacx 2.0 is now a detectable IWAD.