Making a level without "bsping" it.

They are just as good as the originals :)
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Making a level without "bsping" it.

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I just remember modifying doom2 lv01 and then NOT bsp'ing it (whatever that program is that makes the level playable).

When I went into the map it was glitchy as hell. Floors kept going up and down and I remember seeing the door that is kidna black that's marked as the exit door stretching all the way to infinity heh.

Anyone else played a level that wasn't "bsp'ed"?
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Re: Making a level without "bsping" it.

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AFAIK, DOOM won't load a level without a BSP tree.
You don't have to have a reject map lump.
I would assume you have played maps without 'good' bsp data or incorrectly calculated ssector nodes... or both.
and, unfortunately, I think we've all played maps like that. :)