hr15 secret exit

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hr15 secret exit

Post by paulgilb »

In this level there are three walls that have to be lowered in order to reach the secret exit. I notice (by using iddt) that one seems to lower at the start of the demo, but I cannot seem to get it lowered. What causes it to lower?
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Re: hr15 secret exit

Post by Opulent_ »

There is a shootable wall behind the player in the start room in the darkness.   damn tricky secret.
the real trick is learning the map.  ;)
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Your answer

Post by Altima » Opulent said, one of them is activated in the pitch black start. You shoot straight ahead, and a door will open behind you. Back up, and turn 180 degrees and flip a switch....that should open it up =)

If that doesn't help you, go to the DSDA, and watch my hrhelp2 shows you how to get to the secret exit in less than a minute ;)
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Hr15s under minute

Post by dobberman »

As Casey wrote, under minute secret exit is really possible. My UV time for this is 45 secs. and my TAS is 37 secs. :)