Aaaaaand, it's gone news in english.
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Aaaaaand, it's gone

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Brief preview until I collect all stuff...

One more video:

Yes, it was awesome :gracho:

Davor Bužanić - dax
Goran Špeljak - Fly
Oliver Marčetić - BioLio
Matija Kurtanjek - Dr. Kurt
Marin Barišić - Woodoo
Mario Stojanac - mars
Christian Krajna - Oprah
Tomislav Mihalić - mihha
Ivan Ćevizović - Chezo
Alen Stojanac - Q
Marijo Sedlić - Sedlo
Marin Sesar - Saint
Zvonimir Bužanić - fx

It was really nice to gather again and have some fun with our favourite game called DooM. I did not expect that so many players would come to this lan party so I was delighted with response. Last time we had Doom lan party was in 2012 at Marko Čanadi's place. So what happened after six years? Nothing, we are older and have slower reactions, hehe, but still had a good time playing for more than 10 hours. Initially I was planning 5 people and few more games to play but we didn't move far from Doom, we had some issues with modern Quake clients on few computers so we decided not to waste time and continue with DooM! We had Warcraft 3, UT, Quake 1, Duke 3D, Starcraft and played zero of these. At one time some of us played Achtung, die Curve (ipcurve) to relax a bit :P

Anyway, if you wonder how we look like take a look here:

Lan party gallery

Or download demos here:

Lan party demos (Zdeamon 1.10.5 client)