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Old School

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 Greetings, old school Doom2 deathmatcher here who is very interested in playing Doom2 again for old times sake.  I have NO clue where to start looking for a version of Doom2 that will run on my WinXP Pro machine.  It used to be DOS and modem head-to-head tweaking back in the day.  Could anyone out there point me to a link, or provide me some information to get me going again.  I'm not asking for a step-by-step walkthrough, just a starting point please.

 I played as Devereaux in the UK Doom2 League (I was the only American - US Air Force in England).  A big hello from Texas to Danny, Damage, Rambo, Merlin, and the rest of you UK maniacs if you are still out there.  Danny and myself had a speed war for the longest time in Doom2 for Level 7 (UltraV, starting with pistol, 100/100/100 all weapons, all kills before exiting).  When I finally wrapped it up and uploaded my last LMP to idSoftware's speed FTP site, I had the first-posted top time of 51 seconds.  I walked away from Doom2 at that time (late 90's) and never looked back.

 Due to the postponed release of Half-Life2 and the pending release of Doom3, I've been feeling the itch.  Can anyone help?

"idSoftware burn in hell for removing strafe-running from their subsequent games and replacing it with strafe-jumping.  I just love walk-speed head to head games."

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Re: Old School

Post by Opulent »

http://www.doom2.net/ is the best place to start.
http://www.doomworld.com/vb/ multi-player forum is a good place for questions.
http://www.newdoom.com/quickstart.php even...
Zdaemon/Csdoom is the most popular now, I think. but you'd prefer IPX emulator like MS gaming Zone or Kali/Kahn.
probably should take an afternoon and try all of them out to find out what you like.
unlike me, a bunch of players on here play online, so you'll probably get better info in a bit...