Multiplayer help needed

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Multiplayer help needed

Post by Viper-X »

Hello :)

I have tried playing Doom multiplayer with a few friends, but we have a few problems with it, and I'm hoping you guys could help. :)

We have tried MPing with both ZDoom and PrBoom, but every time we get into a game, it gets terribly laggy and the framerate drops very low. Does anyone know why this happens? Are we just too far from each other to play Doom MP succesfully, or is there another problem? Or, is there a better source port for MPing? :)

Thanks! :)

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Re: Multiplayer help needed

Post by Opulent »

are you using the -dup parameters? ... 489281aceb&
forumid=5 you are seeing problems, try playing 2 player on the Iwad before you play some Zdoom-only map with 4 people.
oh, and read your port's documentation. :)