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Sound drivers

Post by DiSTuRBeD » 30.04.2002 23:25

I'm running win2k now, so i found using a win98 dos bootdisk to be the best way to play real doom :) However, getting drivers for the soundcard is a pain in the ass. (you should know this if you've been to creative's website before ;) ). The driver CD installs these IF you install them on a win98 system. Extracting them manually seems to be impossible because of some weird .cab format  >:(

So, if anyone is running win98 with soundblaster drivers for dos (SB live if that's important), could you send me an email with whatever file is reffered to in autoexec.bat\\config.sys? :D

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Re: Sound drivers

Post by admin » 01.05.2002 01:57

You can extract stuff from cabinet files using extract.exe (it's in WINDOWS\\COMMAND\\ on my system).

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Re: Sound drivers

Post by AdamW » 01.05.2002 09:24

i do believe most recent versions of WinZip handle .cabs, too. If you can't make it work, backup plan (if your machine actually still has any ISA sockets, a lot don't these days - they're usually black and longer than PCI slots) would be to get hold of an ISA SoundBlaster 16 somewhere. Still one of the best soundcards ever. Install both and just don't load any Win2K drivers for the SB16 would be the easiest way to do that option I guess, though you'd have to change leads around. (Just don't get the Soundblaster 16 PCI, it's a completely different card. It's not bad - i've got one - but its DOS support is as dicey as most modern soundcards.)

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Re: Sound drivers

Post by oblivion » 06.08.2002 12:25

lol, my main machine (an amd duron 900mhz) has just about the last motherboard ever to have an isa slot on it.  that one slot has my trusty 9 year old sb16 in it, and i use it for everything.