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Hi Guys

Post by PanterD2S »


Came here with some luck and a searchengine ;)

...and Im quite overwhelmed by this raising community.
I never thought this would get THAT huge (whats Czech-N? :)

Yeah, 10 Years of Doom. Saw a D3 Video from the E3 and nostalgic feelings came up my mind.

Nowadays my exams come into a "hot"-phase (April) and I use the most time for studying. My free time for myself shrinks to a minimum given by myself.
Its not clear if I get a job after that...and Its real hard work to get life as I want it. (One reason I stopped this insanity years ago).
But,...what you ALL built up here and all over the inet and between all this different countries with all this different people(s),
The Compet-N-Spirit which binds you together all over the world with the goal of having fun in a fair competition, and to push yourselves beyond the limits.
This is worth more than one can imagine.
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Re: Hi Guys

Post by AdamW »

hey panter :). happy doomsday. you made me go all mushy...*sniff*...
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Re: Hi Guys

Post by gazelle »

Hey Thomas,

don't worry, there is a life after you've finished the exams. And surprisingly, you can still play Doom sometimes.

Kai (almost exactly 20 years older than Doom)
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Re: Hi Guys

Post by Opulent_ »

With the 3 of you around, it seems like old times.
welcome back, maybe we could see some Panter/Gazelle action in the next Compet-N contest?? ;)
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Re: Hi Guys

Post by admin »

I feel young and old at the same time in this thread ;D
Kristian Ronge
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Re: Hi Guys

Post by Kristian Ronge »

Wow, what a great christmas present! :D

Hi, Panter.... Oh, wierd, feels like I'm talking to a deity here.. ;-) since your demos were the first ones I watched. Especially the 30nm4949. :-)
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