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Prboom complevel

Post by Opulent » 29.11.2003 18:08

This is misc, because Compet-N doesn't allow prboom demos.
Richie Agnew discovered that the -complevel settings for Prboom have changed with 2.2.4.
Grazza's words:
"Richie Agnew's text-file for his hr241104 demo (a must-see, BTW) in the new DSDA update points out something very important.
The "complevel" settings in prboom 2.2.4 have all changed from those in 2.2.3. See Readme.compat.txt in the prboom zip file for details.
Doom2.exe (v. 1.9) compatibility is now -complevel 0. This is the setting to use if you want you demos also to play back OK with doom2.exe, or if you just want to play with everything as similar as possible to the original game. This accounts for the desyncs some people have been getting: -complevel 1 is now the same as -complevel 2 was in prboom 2.2.3 - a setting I always found to be quite unreliable (demos often failed to play back even with prboom itself).

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Re: Prboom complevel

Post by Vile » 29.11.2003 20:48

Pfft, that's probably why that tvr movie ended up desyncing.

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Re: Prboom complevel

Post by myk » 30.11.2003 09:15

Are you sure? Those demos desynched only on Doom2 and not on PrBoom? Also, hadn't you tried using 2.2.3 as well without success? It could be something else...

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Re: Prboom complevel

Post by Grazza » 05.12.2003 09:51

AFAIK, all the "2.2.4 -complevel 1" demos that desynched with Doom2.exe also desynched in prboom (and Eternity, though Vile's TVR ep2 demo desyncs after map12 in Eternity anyway). Those demos wouldn't play back correctly with anything.

My guess (and it is a pure guess, albeit based on the LMPC header) is that -complevel 1 demos look the same to the program as -complevel 0 demos, and so it plays them back as if they were genuine Doom2.exe demos. That might be completely wrong, but it would account for them desynching with the same program that recorded them.

It's unfortunate I didn't notice these changes when the new versions came out. Earlier text-files had warned that the levels could well change between versions, and I normally read all the bumph quite carefully. Possibly I noticed that the text for the 2.3.0 beta claimed (wrongly) that the complevels hadn't changed in that, so I presumed they hadn't changed in the intervening version. Or maybe I was jet-lagged, or something.
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