building bridges

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building bridges

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I have one question about wad-building. I saw well known 2-floor bridges in some maps (like requiem 13, scythe 18, av 23 and so on) but I really can't understand how are they done, respectively I don't know how to do that lift that has no floor texture. I have tried to watch these bridges in wadauthor in that maps but it's impossible to select that sectors without floor or to find them anywhere on the map. How are these bridge sectors made? Where are they on the map? And how high are their floor and ceiling? Oh! It's problem for me, I hope I am not the only one who don't understand it  :-*
Thanks alot for your help!
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Re: building bridges

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Doomworld has a good section on editing, check out this editing tutorial index...

There are also sections on other aspects of editing (except standard tricks), like Boom tricks, etc. Hope this helps.
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