More misplaced files in FTP

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Kristian Ronge
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More misplaced files in FTP

Post by Kristian Ronge » 30.06.2003 01:00

In /pub/compet-n/pwads/hr/speed there are two files,, and, respectively, which are Tyson entries.

I just happened to notice it and figured I'd report it.
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Re: More misplaced files in FTP

Post by admin » 30.06.2003 10:57


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Re: More misplaced files in FTP

Post by myk » 17.09.2003 15:46

Here's a few more files that managed to make their way to some dark nook of the archive:

pl30-107 max is in speed
hr03-206 max is in speed

tn25c009 tn22c018 are in nmare instead of coop

I noted that on the update the Final DOOM coop demos were listed as in subdirs under the coop dir, when actually they are all bunched in their coop dirs.