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Hey everyone, new member, first post, so hopefully I'm not posting this in the wrong place, or suggesting something that has already been done. I watched Vono's 1:12 run of e2m6 on the SDA boards, so I decided to play through the level.

Not sure if he's improved his time (because my knowledge goes as far as the time on SDA), but I have some improvements:

- I noticed that the route he used to get to the yellow key, he had to kill a hallway full of annoying imps and zombies. There's a door you can run to that's right beside the switch that opens up the door leading to the yellow key.
- When you enter in that hallway, I think it's possible to hug the right wall and run down the hallway a tad faster.
- After you get the yellow key however, hug the same wall in question and run down the hallway, you go extra fast.
- Go out the same door, and run on through the maze, as it's not too far away.

As I said, sorry if this is old, but it's just a few things I've found.
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Re: e2m6

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[ftp]ftp://competn.doom2.net:8002/pub/compet ... m6-112.zip[/ftp] is the current record.
I think luck with the monsters (particularly in the red key area) is the key to a good time.
Xit is very good at changing direction a lot in a demo...which is also needed here for a good time.
however, with that said, your analysis does appear to be sound...