PrBoom+, ZDaemon and Odamex news in english.
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PrBoom+, ZDaemon and Odamex

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New version of PrBoom+ is out, you can get it from official page:
[+] Added support for textured automap. Available in the menu at "Options\Setup\Automap\Enable Textured Display".
[+] "Next Level" key now works during normal play, not just during demo playback.
[+] Added "-shotdir" command line switch and "screenshot_dir" config variable. Default folder for screenshots is now exe_dir.
[+] Two new sponsored HUDs.
[*] Added ability (overrun_missedbackside_emulate 1) to emulate wrong memory access for cases when some linedefs have a two-sided flag set, but no second sidedef. Fixed desynch on CLNJ-506.LMP @ CHALLENJ.WAD
[*] Broken BLOCKMAP lumps won't be recreated automatically. Use "-blockmap" command line switch if PrBoom-plus reports a buggy blockmap.
[*] The "-solo-net" and "-emulate x.y.z" params are saved to the demo footer.
[*] Added frustum culling for sprites if mouse look is enabled (gl_sprites_frustum_culling). If you look up or down on nuts.wad with this, frame rate will increase instead of decreasing.
[*] Improved compatibility with Doom 1.2. All known Doom 1.2 demos including ret12na.lmp @ return01.wad, wp2-33.lmp @ wadpak2.wad and uac_dead by Never_Again are now in sync.
[*] GLBDEFS alias for GLDEFS lump to avoid compatibility issues with other ports. Note that if GLBDEFS is present, GLDEFS will not be parsed at all.
[*] Command-line added demos don't conflict with lump names anymore. For example, you can play map01.lmp back on map01.
[*] Incorrect nodes on e1m1 @ deepcre.wad don't crash PrBoom-plus anymore.
[-] The title screen from the Duke Nukem total conversion PWAD didn't appear in software mode, being replaced by a black screen.
[-] Pitch-shift emulation didn't work.
[-] On-screen graphics like PAUSE, M_DOOM, TITLEPIC, etc didn't fit in the screen at 16x9 aspect ratios and "not adjusted" mode for "status bar and menu appearance".

Links for the demos, wads and topics referred to above: (CLNJ-506.LMP, CHALLENJ.WAD) (Duke Nukem total conversion) (return01.wad, ret12na.lmp) (wadpak2.wad, wp2-33.lmp) (uac_dead.wad and doom 1.2 demos) (deepcre.wad)

Also, Zdaemon has released a bug fix version 1.08.08b (hope 1.08.09 is here soon!):

Support for 16, 24 and 32 bits-per-color DirectX modes. This finally puts to rest all palette issues under Windows 7, Vista, etc.
Support for secondary monitors in full screen mode.
Fixed "ghost monster" bugs with the archvile, the doom boss cubes and the heretic dsparil.
Better syncing of moving floors/ceilings/etc. in client/server mode.
Tab autocompletion for client console rcon commands.
When using regular or team chat the "say:" prompt will be drawn with the color specified in the messages color options.
Extended the changemus command to show the name of the current song when no argument is specified.
Faster server refreshes in the launcher's "Insane" speed setting.
Greatly improved (and faster) wad patching in the launcher. Also better and more accurate handling of commercial WADs.
New ZRC option to record the "last message time" for all users in the channels to which you belong, classify users as idle/non-idle based
on that time and display idle users in faded colors in the channel member list.

Odamex has released v0.5.1, but it seems they don't have lead developer anymore... let's hope that is not the end of Odamex: