Odamex 0.5.6

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Odamex 0.5.6

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New Odamex v0.5.6 (r2582) is out:

General Odamex Changes:
Fixed a bug that disconnected players immediately from a busy server.
Fixed a bug that caused jerky movement when players went over a tall ledge.

Odamex Client Changes:
Fixed a bug preventing netdemos from playing if a single player game or vanilla demo had been started.
Changed the default value of con_scrlock to enabled, which allows the console to be scrolled up without new console messages forcing the text to be scrolled to the bottom again.
Fixed a small cosmetic issue with the alignment of sky textures taller than 200 pixels.
Prevent autoaim from aiming at teams in CTF or Team DM games.
Changed spectator chat to use the new team chat indicator sound.
Added cl_updaterate (default: 2) to allow clients to specify how often they wish to receive updates of the positions of other players in the game. The default value of 2 implies the client would like to be updated every other tic, or 35 / 2 times a second. A value of 1 implies the client would like to be updated every tic, or 35 times a second.
Mac OSX clients will now show a descriptive dialogue when Odamex quits due to an error.

Odamex Server Changes:
Added sv_ticbuffer (disabled by default). Enabling sv_ticbuffer on the server will place incoming ticcmds into a buffer and process one ticcmd per gametic for each player instead of processing all the player's incoming ticcmds. The result is that the player's movement will skip less and appear "smoother" when there is network jitter.
Added co_nosilentspawns (default: disabled) to provide an option to control Odamex's emulation of an original Doom bug which had the effect of not placing a spawn fog (and its accompanying noise) in front of a west-facing player as they spawn. Enabling co_nosilentspawns places the spawn fog in the proper location.

Odamex Launcher Changes:
Fixed an issue where certain servers would not show in the launcher application.

http://sourceforge.net/projects/odamex/ ... mex/0.5.6/