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New Prboom+ version is out! Download here

[+] Support for ZDoom-style OGG loop points, by Nicholai Main.
[+] Ability to disable the background on Boom fullscreen menus. There is a "menu_background" config variable and in-game GUI entry.
[*] "Automap - Show kills/items/secrets statistics" is displayed on overlay automap too.
[*] Improved sample rate conversion, by Nicholai Main.
[*] MIDI volume works independently from SFX on Vista/7 for "portmidi" player.
[*] "madplayer" should now correctly play mp3 songs with ID3v2 tags.
[*] Seamless tiling in the high quality resize algorithms (thanks Nunya).
[*] The first frame of the O_COUNTD(.MP3) @ dvii-1u.wad is in fact corrupt, but the rest is ok (best guess: it used to have an ID3v2 tag which was removed by a dodgy program). The new load routine should be more accepting of damaged mp3s.
[-] "Texture format" always forced to GL_RGB5_A1 if "Use GL surface for software mode" is enabled.
[-] Fixed crash when you try to make a screenshot if "Use GL surface for software mode" is enabled.
[-] Deadlock in "portmidi" music player.
[-] Looping for all mp3s are completely broken in libmad player.
[-] Fixed playback of mono MP3 files with libmad player.