Odamex 0.5.2

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Odamex 0.5.2

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New version of Odamex v0.5.2 (r2237) release:

Odamex 0.5.2 was released on June 14th, 2011.

Much of the code is now shared between client and server. It is much more manageable and less desync prone
Platforms are now much better optimized
Co_boomlinecheck- Off by default, allows additional silent BFG tricks and the "oomph" sound on two-sided lines.
The Hexen map format is now supported for experimental ZDoom compatibility. Several ZDoom 1.22 things work now, including zdoom water, gravity, physics, PIT_RadiusAttack (for rocket jumping), aircontrol, friction, bridge things, ambient sounds, and the earthquake.
Co_realactorheight has been restored with EE's P_ThingInfoHeight. Off by default.
Restored the original vanilla coop scoreboard. Uses the original player colors as well until we can get square coloring to work. It will show up if you are connected to a server with maxplayers < 5.
Added UPnP. Automatically opens up the port on a UPnP compliant router. Toggled on server start with sv_upnp
Added -fork to control the PIDfile of a server. Defaults to doomsv.pid.
Added co_zdoomswitches to flip between vanilla behavior (0) and a more advanced behavior whereby "switch sounds attenuate with distance like platforms and doors."

Bug Fixes:
Screenshots broke in 0.5.1 due to the directx transition. Fixed.
Ag-odalaunch could not handle paths that had spaces in them on Xbox. Fixed.
Items did not respawn in co-op despite sv_itemsrespawn being true. Fixed.
Clients could be kicked for exceeding "netids" due to there being many projectiles. Not exactly fixed, but it should no longer kick clients.
Several vanilla demo desyncs are fixed.
Weapon changing desyncs are fixed.
Sometimes you would see the flag while you carried it. Fixed.
320x200, 320x240, and 640x400 have been restored. Make sure to use r_detail 1 for them.
Fix crashing when transitioning intermission > next level with certain pwads (occurs with gcc optimizations).
Clients could be kicked with "szp pointer was NULL," randomly in games with many players.
The CTF HUD display broke in 0.5.1. Fixed.
Projectile sounds (Player and Monster) would play multiple times online. Fixed.
Fixed the wrong light levels on some orthogonal linedefs.
The marine death animation played too fast online. Fixed.
Doors would play multiple sounds online. Fixed. Also Emulation of vanilla Doom bug where closing a blazing-door plays sounds twice in a row and blazing-door will play the slow-door's sound when it re-opens has been fixed.

Xbox chat macros have been modifed. See README.Xbox.
Co_zdoomphys is off by default. Remember, Odamex aims for Vanilla compatibility and mechanics.
Gravity defaults to 800 on ZDoom maps, same as ZDoom default.
Co_zdoomphys will always be 0 when playing back vanilla demos.

http://sourceforge.net/projects/odamex/ ... mex/0.5.2/