Competition Doom update

21.12.2014 13:48 - fx

Lot's of buzz in the news about new Doom 2 world speed record. Maybe it was related to Doom's 21st birthday but anyway it got attention it deserves.

We go six new records uploaded since 08/2014.

I've uploaded MAP01 demos (not a record at all) to provoke Sedlo, so Marijo 'Sedlo' Sedlić improved it to decent time in, thought this could be done much much faster :) It's MAP01 you know, Sedlo's favorite map, so it could be interesting. Anyone?

Zero-Master wanted to show us how to do MAP02 trick so he uploaded, pretty nice and lots of space for improvement.

Marijo 'Sedlo' Sedlić recorded MAP31 in

He also did MAP31 secret exit in, guess it's hard not to do it after practicing MAP31.

One of big excitements are from Zero-Master, Competition freshman who manged to beat Looper's COMPET-N demo from 2010, Doom 2 movie run Zero-Master decided to show us some new (old) tricks in his But he was first to try them on a long run. Not easy task at all, to risk it in such a long run!

Second big excitement is Zero-Master's complete Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment movie run done in demo. Also bunch of amazing tricks, very impressive!

All Competition Doom demos packed in one zip are available here:

Our site was heavily updated in last few months so if you encounter any problems please report it, so we can fix it. Thank you!

We also got few new COMPET-N records since last update but I'd focus on Looper's Doom 2 movie run as he beated Zero-Master's CNDOOM record so I think it should be at least mentioned. COMPET-N demos packed in one zip are available here:
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Competition Doom v2.0.3.1 released

16.12.2014 21:08 - fx

With help of Fabian, fraggle and all other Choco contributors I've managed to release Competition Doom v2.0.3.1 for 21st Doom birthday.

Yeah, so happy birthday Doom!!! You are old be we are too, hehe :)

Head over to wiki site covering source and downloads and some info.

Source is moved to github as Choco is too, so report bugs, patches there:

As usual, before uploading demos, please test them so I suggest you to try to record sample demo and upload it first here.
then if everything is OK upload demo as every other demo here.

Please read carefully rules and obey them otherwise your demo will not be accepted.

Ok, if you are ready to play, you can directly download it from here:
Competition Doom v2.0.3.1 for Windows

If you didn't notice I've uploaded all Competition Doom records to our Youtube channel and released XBMC/Kodi video addon so you can watch Doom world records from my favorite media center. Any new demo will be immediately uploaded too, so keep em coming! :)

Have fun as always and happy Christmas / holidays / whatever you celebrate!

ps. new cnlauncher v2.0 is still in the progress but I hope to release beta soon.
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13.10.2014 15:31 - fx


WAD: Plutonia
MAP: 27
SKILL: 1 (I'm Too Young To Die)
OPTIONS: -respawn
TASK: Do not initiate any monster or you will fail! To prove you mean no harm and try to trick them do not pick any big powerups (megasphere/soulsphere/berserk/medikit). Our targets are giant spiders, so find and destroy them all or their web will destroy us!

- clients allowed: Doom (2), Doom (2) plus, Chocolate Doom, Competition Doom
- .zip demo with txt description containing player name or nickname, email, date, contest name and game client
- upload demos here
- miliseconds are counted too
- contest will end 01.01.2015. CEST

- first: 6 points
- second: 4 points
- third: 2 points
- the rest: 1 point

Sample demo available here: ... 4/scarred/
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COMPET-N news retirement

02.10.2014 09:55 - fx

After some thinking and consultation, news regarding COMPET-N will not be published anymore and I'll try to focus everything to Competition Doom (CNDOOM) even if we will have only one or two records per year like it's right now. COMPET-N database and demo upload for COMPET-N will stay available so if you still want to push one second limits you can, but I strongly encourage everyone to record demos in Competition Doom.

All public stuff was moved to Dropbox and Google drive (not completed yet) as it just takes space and bandwidth so I decided to archive it.

I've also updated complete demo pack:
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26.08.2014 14:00 - fx

Twenty COMPET-N, four COOP and one CNDOOM demo in last few months (some are just late uploads - Slade's) is not bad but still a significant drop from last year. Yeah that CNDOOM demo from me was just a test if upload works fine as I suck at speed demos :)

There are some major improvements on database so all uploaded demos are immediately available and stats are updated after upload. Hi-score table is still not available but should be later this week. Ok, nice demo pack, hoping for even more in the future:

Ultimate Doom
4shockblast improved E1M5 for three seconds in, but Slade decided to improve it more in for 16 seconds. Of course 4shockblast didnt just sit and watch so he striked back with improving Slade's for five more. Now it's Slade's turn!

One good fast record on E2M9 improving really old AdamH record for four seconds by Tatsurd-cacocaco in, that should be close to/optimal as max is 0:49.

JC and Ch0wW recorded few demos for us, E1M1 tyson in, E2M9 in speed and E3M6s in shaving Vincent and Dupre for one second in both records, huh!
JC also teamed with PenumbraSix and recorded E4M6 max in

It's aways good to see Doom 2 records as they are sooo rare, true gems in COMPET-N. Looper made awesome improvement on MAP09 in, beating Radeg's old record for 51 seconds, almost one minute, so there seems to be even more space for improvement, right? :)

Plutonia is a bit more active, still has many gaps to fill I guess.
vdgg improved his own MAP17 record for 13 seconds in

4shockblast optimized kunkuns MAP09 in and save some eight seconds. Well done!

More 4shockblast improvements for MAP02 for one second in, and MAP15 for four seconds.

vdgg with his famous tyson style on MAP02 in beating Xit's record for some 7 minutes, huh, a long one :)

JC improved MAP30 beating really OLD record from Yonatan in for 28 seconds. Good job!

Alien Vendetta
4shockblast improved MAP03 for five second in

JC and PenumbraSix recorded initial MAP20 speed in

Hell Reveled
Slade improved MAP01 beating Tatsurd-cacocaco for two seconds in, while 4shockblast improved Radek's MAP04 for three seconds in

Slade again beating Tatsurd-cacocaco on MAP01 in for 11 seconds.

Memento Mori
More Slade's stuff! On MAP01 he was three seconds faster than AdamH in

Slade also did MAP06, running almost twice faster than old record from Xit in

Tatsurd-cacocaco improved old vdgg's record for 19 seconds in

Previously undone MAP11 is also from Tatsurd, see it in

All demos packed in one zip available here:

ps. incoming will always show all demos uploaded in last two months, so this update will not remove them, but with time they will eventually disappear ;)
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